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apt-get install macosx

Sunday, November 11th, 2007

Dear Mark,

Please let me know when I can use Synaptic to install Mail, Safari, NetNewsWire, MarsEdit, iChat, Address Book, iCal, Preview, iTunes, iPhoto, Time Machine, TaskPaper, TextMate, Xcode, Yojimbo. Acorn, Automator, Dictionary, DVD Player, Front Row, Spaces, Exposé, the Dock, Finder, Garage Band, iMovie, Pages, Keynote, OmniGraffle, Transmit, Twitterific, and Xtorrent.

I’ll be waiting here, with my translucent menu bar, plus everything above. Hoping to hear from you soon.


This is Love

Monday, November 5th, 2007

VMware Fusion + Unity + Spaces = ♥ (Click below for proof; check out space 8.)